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Protecting Your Identity


Here’s several links designed to help you be more aware of Identity Theft, Tax Fraud and Scams. Please always protect your identity as best you can, whether online or out and about.

IRS mails letters when there’s a need to reach you.

No random, threatening calls or emails.


The IRS is calling Me? Can this be for real?


About Tax Scams:



About Phishing malware:


Be wary of IRS impersonators demanding payment of a

“federal student tax” which does NOT exist.


Tax Related Identity Theft:


Fraud is REAL! Just Hang Up on Fraud:



The IRS is continually looking at ways to increase data security

and protect taxpayers’ identities. This includes the ID verification letter 5071C.

Find out more here:


When the IRS needs to reach you, they will send a letter in the mail.

The IRS does not send random emails or make threatening calls.

Do not provide your personal financial information or

make payments when a scammer calls.

Please spread the word to help others avoid the scammers!